A6 DCS Information & Communications

Lt Col Enrique Mertins Jr

As an active member of Civil Air Patrol over 15 years, Lt Col Mertins has served in several squadron level assignments such as Emergency Service officer , IT and deputy commander at the squadron level. For Florida wing he served over 6 years as the glider program coordinator and most recently the o-ride coordinator for Florida Wing.

Lt Col Mertins is also an active CAP pilot and holds multiple ratings. He is a SAR/DR Mission Pilot, Mission Observer, Tow Pilot instructor, Glider Pilot, Cadet and AFROTC orientation pilot for both powered and glider.

Lt Col Mertins Joined, Civil Air Patrol in the summer of 1998 as a cadet, and eventually got his Mitchell, Earhart awards.

Lt Col Mertins graduated with a bachelor of science in Psychobiology from Florida Atlantic University and also holds a masters in Management of Information systems with a concentration in Information Security from Nova Southeastern University. He currently works in the financial industry as a Senior Manager in product development where he currently manages quick to market applications.

Lt Col Mertins is also an officer in U.S. Army Reserves as an S6 OIC for a Field Hospital out of St. Petersburg Florida
emertins@flwg.gov E-Mail