FLWG Conference Seminars

The seminars are offered in four (4) separate locations.
Please scroll down to see the schedule for Grand III, IV, V, and Expressions I

These Courses and Room Assignments are subject to change so please check back often.
Location: Grand III
Time Conference Topics Directorate
1030 Annual Communications Meeting Communications
1120 Lt Col Jim Clark  
1130 Making all the Local Connections Government Relations
1220  Lt Col Phil Zedonek  
1230 Spiritual Resiliency for Command and Operations
1320 Chaplain Cooter
1330 Logistics Logistics
1420 Lt Col Jim Spieth  
Location: Grand V
Time Conference Topics Directorate
1030 Protecting Your Personal Information In A Digital World Information Technology
1120 Maj Richard Bosch  
1130 A1 Manpower & Personnel Panel Discussion: Taking the Mystery Out of What They Do!
1220 Capt Art Stoutenburg  
  Lt Col Ralph Kugel  
1230 How to Navagate through E-Service to increase your membership for your squadron Admin/Personnel
1320 Maj MJ Ricketts  
1330 Internet Security Information Technology
1420 Maj Richard Bosch  
1430 Wing Commanders call Command
1520 1430-1620  
1530 Wing Commanders Call Command
1620 1430-1620  
Location: Expressions I
Time Conference Topics Directorate
1030 NASA: In-Flight Emergencies Aerospace Education
1120 Maj Gary Dahlke  
1130 AE Q&A Aerospace Education
1220 Maj Gary Dahlke  
1230 How to Achieve Success with the Squadron's Public Affairs Program - Part1 Public Affairs
1320 Lt Col Jeff Carlson  
  Capt Sybrian Castleman  
1330 How to Achieve Success with the Squadron's Public Affairs Program - Part 2 Public Affairs
1420 Lt Col Joyce Nader  
  Maj Steve Lampasona  
1430 Presentation Skills Professional Development
1520 Maj Robert Corriveau  
1530 [1] CAP Regulation 1-2 and You
[2] Taking the Mystery out of Formal File Planning
1620 Lt Col Collin David  
Location: Grand IV
Time Conference Topics Directorate
1030 New FAA 3rd Class Medical Operations
1120 Dr (Col) Sergio Seoane  
1130 How to Survive an SUI Inspector General
1220 Maj Sam Chiodo  
  Lt Col Adrian Cuarta  
1230 Safety Topic: Operations & Safety Safety
1320 Capt Charlene Garcia  

1330 What do I have to do to get in an Airplane? Non Pilot - MS, MO, AP Discussions Operations
1420 1st Lt Alexander English  

1430 Florida Emergency Services Academy (FLESA) Operations
1520 Lt Col Willard Garman
1530 Incident Commander (IC) Refresher Updates Operations
1620 Lt Col Willard Garman  
Location: Imagination Room (10th Floor)
Time Conference Topics Directorate
1030 DDR Cadet Programs
1120 Maj Cory Hewitt  
1120 Recruiting and Retension / CPPT Cadet Programs
1210 Capt Logan Gallo  
1210 Cadet Technical Skills in Mission Operations Cadet Programs
1300 Lt Col George Schaefer  

1300 FLWG Cadet Programs Activites/Yearly Schedule Cadet Programs
1350 Maj Iris Molgora  
1350 NHQ Cadet Program Update Cadet Programs
1440 Lt Col Margarita Mesones  
1440 Encampment Updates and Q&A's Cadet Programs
1530 FLWG Summer Encampment CC  
1530 Encampment Staff Meeting Cadet Programs
1620 FLWG Summer Encampment CC