2018 ES Academy (FLESA) - 26 Dec -2 Jan

 2018 Florida Wing ES Academy (FLESA) 

 Avon Park Air Force Range
1st Combat SPT GP
Avon Park, FL 33825

26 Dec 2018 - 02 Jan 2019


Florida Wing announces the Annual Emergency Services Academy (FLESA) to be held 26- Dec 2018 to Jan 2nd, 2019 at the Avon Park AFR.

This session will be for advanced ground teams training only and will have a focus on training Florida Wing Ground Team members to take the tests needed to become a NASAR SARTECH II. This is a requirement that the State of Florida is moving towards for wilderness SAR deployments and is a higher level of training that will benefit all who attend.

NASAR evaluators will be on hand to observe our school and to work on getting our instructors certified to teach NASAR classes. If you want this training, you will need to attend this session. This is for those members that are GTM2/1/GTL SET’s


Senior Members  

  • Level One to include CPPT
  • First Aid (current)
  • GTM3
  • Ability to hike full gear reasonable distances (5+miles)


  • Must be ages 16 and above
  • Curry Achievement
  • Encampment
  • First Aid (current)
  • GTM 3
  • Ability to hike full gear reasonable distances (5+miles)


  • Must be current in their specialty and SET authorized.
  • To be considered as a NASAR instructor, you must attend this session and teach lessons to be evaluated by the NASAR personnel.
Registration and Payment:
Registration will be completed via electronic form (E-FLWG F500) with all hard copy forms signed and uploaded. Members should also hand carry hard copy forms with them to the activity. The activity fee will be $100.00* for participating Senior Member or Cadet and [ayment will be made via the electronic form utilizing Paypal.
*All fees must be received by 15 Nov 2018
Hard Copy Forms 31,160 and 161 for all attendees, form 163 for minors.

Registration Deadline: 15 Nov 2018

Uniform / Equipment:
Uniform will be BDUs/BBDU’s or ABU’s. Please ensure you are within policy for ABU’s/BDU’s.

Gear Requirements:  You will need your full 24 and 72 hour packs (24 hour gear inspected after check in) In addition, you will need a good quality orienteering compass. You will need a wooden dowel rod, no less than 42” long (suggest ½ dia from local home improvement or lumber store) a way to temporarily mark distances on the tracking stick (hose clamp, zip tie ect) a measuring device at least 18 inches long (flexible fabric tape measure) 2 Prusik cords (6 to 8mm safety or climbing grade rope, 6ft long)


Tent and Sleeping gear for field time.

A policy and procedures guide will be emailed to all registrants and will cover gear and other requirements in a much more detailed manner

Check In:


Staff will check in on 26 Dec 2018 between 0800 and 1100
Student early arrival will be 26 Dec 2018 from 1400 until 1700
Student arrival will be 27 Dec 2018 from 0800 to 1000


Meals will be provided at the FLWG ES Academy. Members with special meal needs must include this information on their FLWGF 500 application as well as the CAP Form 160.

Transportation to and from FLWG ES Academy is the participant's personal responsibility. Units or Groups may, and are encouraged to do so, arrange for common transportation through corporate or privately owned vehicles. Participants should contact their unit commander to inquire if such arrangements are being made. 

General Inquiries: 


Please email Capt Chris Krier at ckrier@flwg for general inquiries.

Emergency Contacts: 
The emergency contact (command post) number will be posted the day of sign in.