ES Academy (FLESA) - 26 Dec -2 Jan

 2017 Florida Wing ES Academy (FLESA) 

 Avon Park Air Force Range
1st Combat SPT GP
Avon Park, FL 33825

26 Dec 2017 - 02 Jan 2018


Florida Wing announces the Annual Emergency Services Academy (FLESA) to be held 26- Dec 2017 to 2 Jan 2018 at Avon Park Air Force Range. We are proud to announce that we will be having three areas of training this year. They will be AIR which will consist of MS, MO, AP, MP. The Ground side will have Basic (UDF and GTM3) , and Advanced (GTM1 & 2) & GTL.  Finally the third Area is Mission Base. This will cover any of the following depending on the specialties that everyone signs up for: CUL, AOBD, GBD, FASC, LSC, PSC, OSC, IC3, MSA, MRO.  


 AODB  Air Operations Branch Director  GTM3  Ground Team Member 3
 AP    LSC Logistics Section Chief 
 CUL  Communication Unit Leader  MO  Mission Observer
 ES  Emergency Services  MP  SAR/DR Mission Pilot
 GBD  Ground Branch Director  MS  Mission Scanner
 GES  General Emergency Services  MSA  Mission Staff Assistant
 FASC  Finance/Admin Section Chief  MRO  Mission Radio Operator
 GBD  Ground Branch Director  OSC  Operations Section Chief
 GTL  Ground Team Leader  SQTR  Specialty Qualification Training Records
 GTM1  Ground Team Member 1  UDF  Urban Direction Finder
 GTM2  Ground Team Member 2    


Senior Members  

  • Level One to include CPPT
  • ICS Course 100 , 200, 700, 800
  • First Aid
  • Curry Acheivement
  • Encampment
  • ICS Course 100 , 200, 700, 800
  • First Aid
  • Must be current in their specialty and SET authorized.
*Note: The proper prerequisites are listed on the SQTR for the rating you will be training for. 

FEES (Senior Members and Cadets) 

The activity fee will be $100.00* for participating Senior Member or Cadet.

Payment will be made to Florida Wing CAP
Mail to:
Lt Col Willard Garmen
1118 59th Ave Cir E
Bradenton, FL 34203 
*All fees must be received by 15 Nov 2017 


Registration Deadline: 1 Nov 2017

Uniform / Equipment:

Uniform will be BDUs or ABUs for ground school and Grey pants and the Polo shirt for Air school. 
How to pack your gear:
The FLWG ES Academy requires a significant amount of equipment be brought to the activity and has provided a general packing list to ensure all items are brought for this activity.  The living accommodations, however, do not have wall lockers or other storage systems. Therefore, choose a footlocker, suit case, or plastic tub from which you can easily access equipment. Duffel bags are not authorized because you must empty the contents of the bag entirely to get to something at the bottom – choose something that you can keep your property in at all times but still easily access everything. 

Check In:


Meals will be provided at the FLWG ES Academy. Cadets with special meal needs must include this information on their FLWGF 500 application as well as the CAP Form 160.


Transportation to and from FLWG ES Academy is the participant's personal responsibility. Units or Groups may, and are encouraged to do so, arrange for common transportation through corporate or privately owned vehicles. Participants should contact their unit commander to inquire if such arrangements are being made. 

General Inquiries:
Please complete the form to the right for general inquiries. Completing this form will submit an email to Lt Col William Garman, Director of Mission Operations. 

Emergency Contacts:
The emergency contact (command post) number for FLWG ES Academy is () - this number is to be used ONLY for emergencies.