Florida Leadership Academy


Learn what it takes to be a successful staff member


at the next FLWG Encampment! 

Florida Elks Youth Camp
24175 SE Hwy 450, Umatilla, FL 32784
16 Mar - 18 Mar 2018
Commander: Maj Cory Hewitt
Cadet Commander: C/Maj Amon Russell
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Cadets who attend FLA will find the instruction to greatly help them when performing leadership roles at their home squadrons and at other CAP activities. Serving on Encampment staff provides a perfect opportunity for cadets to practice the lessons learned from the FLA. Cadets who intend on applying for Encampment staff are highly encouraged to attend the FLA in order to begin developing their leadership abilities.You will learn the lessons needed to serve at any CAP event and this will weigh heavily when staff are being chosen for the next encampment.



The following courses are offered, you should register in accordance with your current grade.

Non Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)                    C/SrA   -  C/TSgtSenior

Non Commissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA)                  C/MSgt - C/CMSgt

Cadet Commander Course (CCC)                                        C/2d Lt - C/Lt Col




$105 covers dorm style lodging and meals from Friday dinner through lunch on Sunday. Also includes an activity T-Shirt.
Student registration can be completed on our electronic registration system:  
* Make certain you have your form 32 and form 160 printed and signed prior 
Applications currently closed

Cadet Instructor Applicants  For consideration as a cadet instructor, cadets must have earned the Earhart Award (C/Capt) and have the award published in e-services prior to submitting the application package.  
Applicants will email the activity director chewitt@flwg.us with a description of their desired position along with their CAP Resume and a letter of recommendation from their Squadron Commander (resume and recommendation waived for returning instructors). Once the Activity Cadet Commander has been chosen, they will reach out the other applicants to fill the individual academy instructor and lead instructor positions.  The choices will be weighted heavily with previous FLA instructor experience, FLWG Encampment experience and teaching ability.
Senior Instructor Applicants.  For consideration as a senior instructor, seniors should have earned the Master Rating in Cadet Programs or have extensive cadet programs experience.  CAP experience external to the Cadet Program as well as professional experience outside of CAP may be considered for selection.

Senior Staff Applicants.  Senior staff applicants should have previous experience working in cadet programs activities at the group or wing level and be able to assist in administrative and logistics capacities for the activity.

Dates and Deadlines:
Activity Date:  20 OCT 17  -  22 OCT 17
6 OCT 17: Staff/Instructor Application Deadline
6 OCT 17: Student Registration Deadline 


Friday Arrival:  Blue Jeans and black t-shirt (or CAP activity shirt)
Saturday: Blue Jeans and FLA academy shirt (handed out at arrival)
Sunday: Blues uniform
You do not need to bring any BDU's/ ABU's

Arrival on Friday:

Staff :   1600
Students:  1800 - 2000    ** Make sure you eat dinner prior to arrival if arriving after 1830 **

Graduation:  A graduation ceremony will be held in the Pavilion beginning at 1300 on 22 OCT 17.  Parking is available for no charge.  Students will be dismissed following the graduation ceremony.  There will not be a reception prior to the graduation therefore all guests for graduation are asked to plan their arrival to the facility no earlier than 1230.



Lake Placid Camp and Conference Center
2665 Placid View Dr. Lake Placid, FL 33852



Click here for an interactive Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/soU6nTFmZbE2

After Graduation you may purchase and wear the following shoulder cord per FLWG Supplement 1 to CAPM 39-1
NCO Academy graduate                              Royal Blue center with Yellow sides
Senior NCO Academy graduate                   Royal Blue center with Red sides
Cadet Command Course graduate               Royal Blue center with White sides
Executive Leadership Course graduate        Royal Blue Center with Silver sides
Cadet Instructors will wear the school cord with Aiguillette
An example may be found at https://shouldercords.com/product/c100a-2/