G1 SLS CAPstone --- 2 June


Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

Sponsored by: Professional Development
Location: Eglin AFB, FL 32542
Inclusive Date(s): 2 June 2018
Project Officer: 2d Lt William Diaz.....WDiaz@flwg.us

Send Applications to: . ....Use online form link at the end of the page

Event Description:


FLWG Group 1 will host a Squadron Leadership School (SLS) one-day CAPstone classroom session. In order to qualify for this course attendees must have completed the online portion of the course. 
This course will begin at 0800 EST and should be completed by 1600.
Squadron Leadership School is a CAP Level II requirement. It provides CAP adult members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and how those operations affect CAP's national missions. Additionally, members learn more about CAP customs, core values, and communications. Case studies, discussion, and group assignments are integral facets of the SLS.


Event Location:

Group1 will host and conduct the Squadron Leadership Course, assisting our members in furthering their knowledge as well as leadership and management abilities. at the
Eglin Composite Squadron Building,
Choctawhatchee Blvd,
Eglin AFB, FL 32542



Not applicable.


Eligibility is as outlined in CAPR 50-17.


Outlined in CAPR 50-17‎. Completion of the online portion of the course is required. The online portion can only be accessed only thru the FLWG website and NOT thru eServices.  It is also required that you should have already completed Level 1.

If you do not have a registration to access the FLWG.US website, contact help@flwg.us immediately with your CAPID, name, and email address. Once the on-line portion is completed you will need to print your certificate and bring it with you to the CAPstone session. 

As with any other CAP activity, you must be Safety Current and in a CAP authorized uniform to attend.

Application Procedure:


Not applicable.



1. Fill in and submit (once) the online registration form. 
‎2. Contact the Course Director for further registration information. ‎
2d Lt William Diaz.....WDiaz@flwg.us



Members are responsible for their own transportation to and from the activity.‎


Local lodging is at the discretion of the member.‎


Members are responsible for their own meals during the activity. A one (1) hour lunch period will ‎be allotted for lunch during the activity.‎



CODE OF CONDUCT: All members will maintain a professional demeanor throughout the course of the activity. Any member posing disciplinary problems will be subject to early dismissal from the activity, and your unit commander will be notified of the breach of conduct. 

Duty uniform will be the Air Force uniform (short-sleeve blue shirt, with or without tie), or the CAP Corporate uniform (white short-sleeve shirt, with or without tie). This is a professional development course, so BDUs, flight suits, or golf shirts are considered inappropriate for this occasion.



Register for the course online:

Fill out the Registration form
on the Right or Below depending
on your device and browser

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Course Director 2d Lt William Diaz.....WDiaz@flwg.us

Our Professional Development Staff looks forward to working with you during this important activity.