G2 CLC CAPstone --- 17 Jun


Corporate Learning Course (CLC)

Location: ‎Merritt Island, FL
Inclusive Date(s): 17 June 2017
Project Officer: Maj. Richard Bosch
Send Applications to: 
.....Use online form link at the end of the page


Event Description:

FLWG Group 2 will host a Corporate Learning Course (CLC) one-day CAPstone classroom session. In order to qualify for this course attendees must have completed the online portion of the course.
This course will begin at 0800 EST and should be completed by 1700.

Event Location:


Merritt Island Senior Squadron, 
908 Airport Road, Merritt Island, FL ‎



Not Applicable.


Completion of the SLS is required.
Eligibility is as outlined in CAPR 50-17.


Complete the online portion of the course.
The online portion can only be accessed thru the FLWG website and NOT thru eServices.
It is also required that you should have already completed the SLS course.
If you do not have a registration to access the FLWG.US website, contact help@flwg.us immediately with your CAPID, name, and email address.
Once the on-line portion of CLC is completed you will need to print your certificate and bring it with you to the CAPstone session.

Application Procedure:


Not Applicable.


1. Complete the FLWG online CLC course and print the certificate.
2. Fill out the online registration form and submit (once).


Members are responsible for their own transportation to and from the activity.


Local lodging is available.


Meals - Bring a lunch. This will be a working lunch which will not allow time to go out and get lunch.


In order for the information to be fresh in your mind, the on-line CLC course should be taken within 60 days of attendance to the CAPstone. 
The FLWG eLearning Portal can be reached at http://elearning.capitwg.us 

When you have completed the online course and printed your certificate, contact Project Officer: Maj. Richard Bosch RBosch@flwg.us

Click Here to Use the registration form [or below]

If you do not have registration to access the FLWG.US website, contact help@flwg.us immediately with your CAPID, name, and email address.