Spec Act. Selection Boards: 25-27 Jan 2019

Florida Elks Youth Camp, Umatilla, Florida
25 - 27 January 2019 
Activity Director: 1st Lt Cesar Alayon



Special Activities Selection Board




The Florida Special Activities Selection Board is an annual event intended to rank those cadets who are applying for a limited number of national summer activities, International Air Cadet Exchange program slots, and the NEW Legislative Day slots. Cadets nominated for Cadet of the Year are also interviewed as part of the selection process.  Cadets can expect to take an exam, appear before a selection board, participate in a uniform inspection, and participate in a physical fitness evaluation.



  • There are no grade (rank) level restrictions.
  • Must be on the Monthly Membership Listing at the time of the activity and a member in good standing.
  • Cadets 18 and over must have completed Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT).
  • All members must be safety compliant.
Senior Members
  • Must have completed (at a minimum) Level I training.
  • Must be on the Monthly Membership Listing at the time of the activity and a member in good standing.
  • Must have completed Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT).
  • Technician rating in Cadet Programs and completion of TLC is preferred.
  • All members must be safety compliant.



All members must pay the activity fee of $85, which covers dorm style lodging and meals on Saturday through breakfast on Sunday. Also includes administrative fees, trophies, etc. No shows will not be afforded a refund.


Cadet registration for all participants is completed using our electronic registration system.
  • Complete a CAPF 31. This form MUST be signed by parent/guardian and your unit commander.
  • Complete the FLWG Cadet Annual Performance Evaluation (CAPE) Form. Include all achievements, awards, and participation in listed activities during the current year, up to the date of the completion of the form. Note: this form MUST be signed by your unit Commander to be validated.
  • Click the registration link in the sidebar and follow directions to input information and upload the signed forms.
  • Pay registration fee via PayPal or Wing Banker transfer
Cadet of the Year and/or Legislative Day
All Cadets wishing to compete for Cadet of the Year (this includes Phase I, II, III, and IV) should upload:
1. CAPF58 –Nomination for Cadet-of-the-Year.
2. A full length (head-to-toe) photograph of yourself in blues, no hat.
3. A copy of your school transcripts.
4. A copy of your SAT or ACT scores. (If applicable)
5. Up to 3 letters of recommendation.
** Additional Legislative Day Applicant Requirements:
- Must have one letter of recommendation from your squadron commander
- Must have one letter of recommendation from your group commander
- Must submit an essay introducing CAP to your local representative and convincing them to join CAP
Staff Applications
Senior members are needed to support the activity in areas such as selection board members, test proctors, timekeepers, recorders, photographers, and safety. Please complete the registration (link in the sidebar) and indicate any staffing preference you have.


Activity Date: 25 Jan 19 to 27 Jan 19
01 Dec 19: Application Grade Deadline (e.g. Phase I / II / III / IV by this date to compete in that phase)
18 Jan 19: Registration Deadline 


Friday arrival:  Jeans/Slacks and a black (or CAP/Military activity) t-shirt.
Saturday: Short-sleeve blue shirt with all earned ribbons, awards, and devices, blue slacks, black socks, and low quarters. No tie.
Sunday: Short-sleeve blue shirt with all earned ribbons, awards, and devices, blue slacks, black socks, and low quarters with tie/tie tab for awards ceremony.
All Cadets should also bring athletic wear (black shirt or squadron PT shirt, black athletic shorts, white socks, and running shoes) for the CPFT portion. Scoring penalties will be assessed for those cadets wearing an incorrect uniform before the boards.
Cold weather gear should be brought, but should not be worn inside the Review Board room itself. 


No earlier than 1900 and no later than 2300 hrs on 25 Jan 2019.
** NOTE ** The dining facility will not be available on Friday evening, so please ensure you eat dinner prior to arrival.



Florida Elks Youth Camp

24175 SE Highway 450

Umatilla, FL 32784



 Here is a map indicating the drop off point:


Cadets will be evaluated by a 50 question written test; inspection; demeanor; accuracy at answering the questions before their respective review board; Mile Run time; and by the completeness/content of their application paperwork. 
Cadet of the Year, Legislative Day, and IACE applications have additional boards.
Board Reporting Procedures
Learn to Lead Vol. 1 (Ch 1 pg 19) describe the procedure for reporting as follows:
To enter the room. "When reporting to an officer indoors, remove your hat (safely tucked under your belt is fine)…Knock on the door once firmly. If there is no answer within a reasonable amount of time, knock once, again. When you are told to enter, or told to report, move as though you were marching at the position of attention. Take the most direct route to the officer (board chairperson). Halt 2 paces from the officer or from the front of the officer’s desk… Always halt so you squarely face the officer.
To report. "First, salute. State—Sir/Ma’am (your CAP grade and last name) reporting as ordered. Hold the salute until the board chairperson returns it. The board chair will direct you to sit at ease in the chair provided. The board will begin. 
To depart, when dismissed, resume the position of attention, salute and execute the appropriate facing movement so you can take the most direct route out of the room.” 
**Important note**: The board reporting procedures are in Chapter 1 leadership. All Cadets have access to this text and should be knowledgeable with those procedures. While different board reporting procedures may be in use at your local unit, the above procedures will be the ones used to score the performance of each participant. Deviation from those procedures stated above will be penalized by the evaluation officers.


Civilian Attire: (to be worn during check in on Friday night, and written exam)
Collared shirt, CAP tee shirt or US Military tee shirt (Must be tucked in)
Jeans or Slacks (with belt) 
Athletic or casual shoes
One set of short-sleeve blues uniform to include:
Hat w/hat device
Blues shirt w/ nameplate, grade insignia, ribbons, badges
V-Neck T-shirt (2)
Blues pants
Black socks (2) pair
Uniform shoes
PT Uniform to include: 
Athletic shirt (must have sleeves)
Athletic shorts
Running Shoes
Athletic socks
Cold weather Jacket (optional, recommended)
3 Sets of underclothes
Sleeping clothes
Toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, razor etc…)
**Do not bring electronic devices.  If it’s used for recreation, it’s not appropriate to bring.  Also leave any weapons, food, games, expensive jewelry, and other non-essential items at home.**


Direct all inquiries to calayon@flwg.us