Ultimate Cadet Challenge

Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, Starke, FL
21 - 23 Sept 2018
Director: Maj Christina English
Cadet Commander: TBA



The Ultimate Cadet Challenge (UCC) is an annual event that tests the abilities of cadets in all areas of the Civil Air Patrol mission. Teams of four cadets compete for the title of ‘Ultimate Cadet’ against others in the wing. Events include Emergency Services activities, obstacle courses, written examination, uniform inspection, drill evaluation, and leadership reaction courses. Awards are presented during the Combat Dining-In.


Teams are evaluated in each of the following events:


Uniform inspection 

Teams will be formed up and inspected in accordance with CAPM 39-1.
Teams are expected to look their best. Alternate uniforms can be used for Saturday's events.
Team members will be in the same uniform.


Drill Evaluation 

Teams are evaluated on their skills in drill and ceremonies, in accordance with
CAPP 60-20 Drill and Ceremonies. Depending on team scores, the event may end with a mass


Written Examination 

Teams will be tested on their general knowledge, chain of command, aerospace education, and leadership text.


Leadership Reaction Course 

Teams will be challenged to the leadership reaction activities to
test each team's ability to work together to solve problems. Evaluation is time/task based.


Emergency Services 

Teams compete in two separate activities: A compass course puts each team's orienteering and navigation skills to the test, while a direction finding challenge to track down an ELT challenges each team's UDF skills.


Geocaching/Team Endurance Run

Teams will be challenged to complete a 3 mile endurance
run/jog/walk, broken into segments separated with compass oriented geocaching items to recover.


Obstacle Course

Teams will be challenged to Camp Blanding Joint Training Center's Air Assault Course.


Cadet participants for the Ultimate Cadet Challenge must have earned the Curry Achievement (C/Amn), have taken the General Emergency Services Training (CAPT 116), and be current CAP member in good standing. Senior member escorts must have completed Level I, basic CPPT training, and be a current CAP member in good standing. It is the Squadron Commander’s responsibility to ensure all of their personnel are eligible to participate in this activity.


Team Composition

Teams will consist of four (4) cadets and one (1) senior escort for supervision.  Multi-squadron teams are not permitted. Teams are authorized to bring one (1) alternate with them to this event.  This person shall provide logistical support to the team as directed by the team escort.  Should a competition participant become injured or is taken ill, this individual can substitute for the affected team member.  The Activity Director must approve all team substitutions.  Once a substitution is made, the primary team member is no longer eligible to participate in the competition.


Activity Fee

The activity fee is $50 per team member ($250 for the team without an alternate member, $300 if an alternate is attending).  The activity fee is paid through the Wing Banking System (preferred) or with cashiers check or money order ONLY (see mailing instructions on registration form). The activity fee covers billeting for Friday and Saturday night, all meals on Saturday, an activity  t-shirt, challenge coin, and all event materials and logistical costs.  



Escorts are responsible for ensuring the online registration form (see the menu on the right) is filled out in its entirety. All required forms must be uploaded at the time of registration!

Deadline for registration and payment is 14 September 2018



Due to security concerns at Camp Blanding JTC and insurance limitations, non-CAP personnel (spectators) are limited to attendance at the Combat Dining-In on Saturday evening only.  Any teams wishing to have guests join them for Saturday evening’s event must coordinate this with the Activity Director as soon as possible so this can be cleared with the Provost Marshal’s Office (Military Police). Guest meals are $5.00 per person, payable via Wink Banker transfer or money order after coordinating with the Activity Director. Guests are the responsibility of the team hosting them.


Team Responsibilities

1. Transportation to/from/during activity unless prior arrangements are made.
2. Having a qualified senior member escort to provide oversight for all cadets on their team.
3. Following all CAP regulations and directives.
4. Ensuring proper conduct of all members of their team (to include sponsors and guests).
5. Bringing all required equipment to participate (unless prior arrangements are made).
6. Participating in clean-up operations to ready the facilities for return to the host unit.    


Staff members (Cadets and Senior Members) are needed to support the competition as timekeepers, event marshals, admin, photographers etc.  Those interested must submit a formal request via email NLT 27 August 2018.  Included in this request should be a brief resume of the member’s experience and position(s) they are interested in.  



Those selected for staff positions must complete the CAPF 31, CAPF 160, 161, & 163, and the Camp Blanding JTC Liability Release Form. Upon receiving notification of acceptance as activity staff, you can upload these forms at the registration link in the menu to the right.


Activity Fee

The activity fee for UCC Staff is $50.00.  This is payable upon receiving notification of acceptance as activity staff.  Please follow the instructions provided in the email.  This fee includes lodging, meals on Saturday and Sunday, and a UCC t-shirt. 


Members will arrive at the TBA block DFAC, which will be used as the in-processing center. An email will be sent to registered members with directions. Park safely along the street or in designated parking areas.


UCC Staff

Unless otherwise instructed, all UCC staff members are to arrive no later than 1700 on 21 Sept 2018 for in-processing.



Team participants are to arrive no earlier than 1900 and no later than 2100 on 21 Sept 2018 (exceptions may be made for those teams traveling with staff). Teams may receive permission for a late arrival if they are traveling a long distance; the escort must coordinate this with the Activity Director in advance.

NOTE: A compulsory safety briefing will be held at 2100 on 21 Sept 2018 TBA block Dining Facility for all participants.  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.


The required equipment for this activity can be found in the UCC Equipment List.  Unless otherwise noted, all equipment on this list is required.


Arrival uniform for all members is appropriate civilian attire. 

The Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) or the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) is the uniform of the day for cadets on Saturday, 22 Sept 2018. Team members will be in the same uniform. ABUs/BDUs will be worn with sleeves up for inspection. Boots will be highly polished and broken in properly to avoid foot injuries.

The uniform of the day for senior members is either the BOU/Blue BOU or corporate working uniform (blue CAP polo with gray slacks/tactical pants).


As part of the activity fee, lodging will be provided in an open-bay style military barracks in the TBA block of CBJTC. Participants are required to bring appropriate bed linens and blanket/sleeping bag and a pillow (if desired). Gender-specific latrines are located in a separate building to the rear of the barracks. Members are expected to use facilities consistent with their assigned gender at birth.
Meals will be provided on all day Saturday and Sunday morning and served in the dining facility (DFAC). The meal at the Combat Dining-In will be on Saturday evening. Those with food allergies should make arrangements to bring their own food. Use of the military DFAC during this activity is not authorized.


Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP and is provided "as available”.  Privately owned vehicle travel to or from the activity is performed strictly at the member’s own risk (reference CAPR 77-1, para 6c and CAPR 52-16, para 8-10) and is not under CAP direction and control.

Any cadet operating a privately-owned vehicle to the activity is required to have proof of insurance, current vehicle registration, and a valid state driver's license in their possession. Upon arrival, the vehicle will be secured in the parking area adjacent to the Post Exchange, and the keys turned in to the Activity Director for the duration of the activity. Please note that any POVs brought to the activity are at the member's own risk and they


This activity concludes at 1200 on 23 Sept 2018.

No early departures are permitted without authorization from the Activity Director.  For safety reasons, those located outside of commuting range (50 mile radius of Camp Blanding) will not be authorized to depart the activity on Saturday evening.   


All members are expected to conduct themselves as professionals at all times. Customs and courtesies, dress and personal appearance guidelines, and the Cadet Honor Code will be strictly enforced. Those found to be disruptive or in violation of CAP directives are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal from the activity. Transportation back to the member's home of record will be at the member's expense, and no refund of the activity fee will be issued.

All members, by virtue of their participation in this activity, hereby give their implied consent to be photographed by authorized public affairs staff and media personnel. Any photos, videos, or sound recordings produced may be used for any official purpose (i .e., recruiting, event recognition, social media, etc.).

OPSEC/COMSEC best practices will be observed during this event. With the exception of the Public Affairs staff, members are not permitted to post any photos or information regarding this event on any social media entity (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) until after the official conclusion of this activity.