The Communications section provides, maintains, and manages radio wave communication technology in support of all of CAP's missions. Communication Officers insure members working in the field can communicate with each other and with command via transceivers.
Functional Address:  CAP FLWG/DC

Welcome to the Communications Directorate of Florida Wing (FLWG/DC). This section has been designed to serve as a one stop source for current information pertaining to communications in FLWG and CAP. Training materials, equipment information, training/certification/licensing requirements, and communication staff resources can all be found on this site.
We are looking for people willing and able to host an HF radio and antenna in their homes and participate in HF nets at least a few times a week. Let your group comms officer know if you are interested.
We are looking for HF operators willing to run our HF nets. We run a net every day at 7:30 am and 8:30 pm Eastern time. Contact Steve Makky JR or JimBroadwell if you can help!
We are looking for CUL's (or CUL trainiees only missing ICS-300) to become comm trailer operators. The SQTR in in the Communications Members Only file area above. Contact Jim Broadwell if you can help!
News & Updates in Communications
Inventory begins October 1 ends October 30 and should be done the FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER! This gives you a couple  weeks to complete it if things go wrong.
Broken gear needs to be indicated in ORMS within a week and repaired within a month. Failure to report broken gear will result in its loss. Failure to repair broken gear will result in its loss. Please keep your gear in a state of readiness. We rarely get much warning of real missions. Thanks!

We are live with the online communications logging system. This will make tracking what callsigns/radios are being used easier. This system can log nets, ftx's, and radio tests with another station. Remember every station on the air every month is the goal. enter your log within 24 hours of running a net, ftx, radio check, etc.Thanks! 
FT or Foxtrot Tango or Florida Test messages are being passed. This is a way to test our ability to distribute information accurately via VHF, HF, and simplex radio communications so we are ready for emergencies. If you are passed FT traffic click on the FT link at the top of this page and fill out the form. It is that simple. Try to relay any FT message via radio to as many other operators as possible on the same day it was received. Thanks!

Current wing comm priorities: HF ALE message centers, HF net control stations, HF stations, VHF nets, identifying and fixing broken gear, insuring all EFJ VHF handhelds are issued to people with the right quals and per the TA, all radios are distributed to people who will use them regularly and per the TA. As always supporting ES training and missions is a big priority. Feel free to contact me directly but please use the chain of command for requests and similar items. 

***CAP Radio Repair/Accessory Note: Broken gear should be reported within a week and repaired within a month. If you need a radio repaired or an accessory please go through your squadron and group comms officers and be sure the wing DC ( had been emailed before you submit a request to national. I need to know about it BEFORE I get an email from national. :) > Thanks! 

Care and feeding of handheld radios: Our biggest problems with handhelds come from leaving batteries in ISR radios, leaving battery on EFJ handheld for long periods or worse shipping it with the battery attached, and holding/swinging radios by the antenna. Please take good care of your handhelds! Thanks! 

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