Member Access to the Wing Website

Registration for Member access is a multi-step process that can take several days. For new members, access to the eLearning system for CLC and SLS might take several weeks, until the server syncs the member databases.

The  registration feature on the Florida Wing website requires a careful verification of your credentials (it is separate from a Florida wing email address request; see below).
Please send an email to
 your squadron or group ITO, or your unit commander, to be registered as a member on the FLWG website; we need all of the following information:
  1. Your email address as it appears in National HQ's Membership database
  2. Your full name and rank
  3. Your CAPID (please verify)
  4. The date your membership will expire
  5. The date you completed OPSEC training
If you are not a member of the Florida wing please indicate your unit number, wing and name, as well as the unit you are affiliated with in Florida.
Wing IT staff will verify your current membership status and that you have completed OPSEC. They will then upgrade your access to Member. This process may take several days.

Requesting a Florida wing email address: This is a separate request and process.
To request an FLWG.US wing email address send an email to your GROUP IT OFFICER
If you have questions, you should contact your squadron or group ITO, or your unit commander.