Color Guard Academy

Florida Elks Youth Camp, Umatilla Florida
18 - 20 Aug 2017
Academy Director:  Capt E. Linares 
Cadet Competition


The Color Guard Academy is designed to assist squadrons training color guard teams for Florida Wing Color Guard Competition. Cadets will be trained by the 2017 National Grand champions and other past championship teams. Color guard teams compete to represent the Florida Wing at the Southeast Region Cadet Competition. The event consists of many areas of competition, from military drill performances, to athletic challenges to academic evaluation.


Any 4-person team of cadets who are interested in learning about and preparing for FLWG Cadet Competition. The focus of the Color Guard Academy will be on explaining the rules and procedures for all the Cadet Competition events. This course is designed beginning teams. Participating cadets must have a working knowledge of drill and ceremonies: i.e. attention, parade rest, forward march, flanking movements, etc. No prior Color Guard training is required. Each team must have 1 or 2 Senior Member escort. No unescorted teams will be permitted.


  • Must have completed Achievement One.
  • Must be on the Monthly Membership Listing at the time of the competition.
  • Cadets 18 and over must have completed Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT).

Senior Members

  • Must have completed level one and Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT Basic).
  • Must be on the Monthly Membership Listing at the time of the competition.



  • $400 for a team of 4 cadets and a senior member escort
  • No shows will not be afforded a refund.


Team Applications

  • Applications are due to no later than 01 Aug 17
  • Application must have a completed team roster with 4 cadets and an escort
    • Detail any food restrictions on the form next to the member name
  • Application must have a copy of a Wing Banker transfer request in the amount of $400.00
  • Application must have fully signed FLWGF 500B for each member

Staff Applications

Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP.  Privately owned vehicles travel to or from such activity is performed strictly at the member’s own risk (reference CAPR 77-1, para 6c and CAPR 52-16, para 8-10) and is not under CAP direction and control. Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided.


Florida Elks Youth Camp
24175 SE Highway 450
Umatilla, FL  32784

Cabins/sleeping facilities are included in the activity fee and will be assigned during registration. A detailed map will be provided at check-in.

Teams/staff will check in between 1900 and 2100 on Friday 18 Aug 2017
Members must be in the uniform prescribed below and have their CAP membership card and CAPF 161


Friday     - No Meals will be provided. 

Saturday - Breakfast will be provided
                Lunch will be provided
                Dinner will be provided

Sunday   - Breakfast will be provided
                Lunch will not be provided


Friday – Team shirts (or casual t-shirt of good taste) and blue jeans.
Saturday - BDU/ABU
Sunday - BDU/ABU


Teams should bring all required equipment to perform a competition as stated in the competition guidelines including CAPP 52-4, CAPM 52-4, and CAPR 900-2. Teams will need to bring their own equipment:

    Rifles
    Flags & Poles
    Stands
    Harnesses
    Belts
    Gloves.


Teams will be judged in accordance with National Cadet Competition Curriculum Guide Pamphlet 52-4, dated February 2015.

For Indoor and Outdoor Practical Drill Event Reporting Procedures we will be using the National Cadet Competition Man ual 52-4, dated 2 June 2009.


The teams are responsible for the following:

  • Transportation to/from and during activity.
  • A team sponsor, in accordance with the CPPT for overnight activities. 
  • Follow all CAP regulations. 
  • Conduct of all members of their team, sponsors and spectators.



01 Aug 2017 - Team application submitted. Academy slots are first come first serve. Emails and incomplete applications will not reserve a slot for this activity. Units wishing to send more than one team may do so if space is available.



Direct all questions or comments to the activity director, Capt Eduardo Linares, at or 772-781-9499