FLWG PA Workshop 10-Mar-2018

The FLWG Public Affairs Workshop for Saturday, March 10 Ops Order is attached. 

This is a "short notice" workshop that has been in the works with Flight Operations to pair up with Glider Orientation Flights as a backdrop the the workshop. 
This is a test run for conducting this type of workshop being held in conjunction with another primary activity taking place at the same time and location. 

Participants will be going on the flight line to take photos and video of the day's activities, conduct interviews with flight teams and cadets, AND write articles and press releases related to the activity as well as work on some video production (if time permits). Powered Orientation Flights are also being conducted. 

Participants must be present for the Flight Ops Safety Briefing.  

Most of the regular "nuts and bolts" topics will still be covered in the course of this workshop. Workshop meets the Specialty Track requirement for Public Affairs. 


Brooksville - Tampa Regional Airport
Hernando County Composite Squadron Building
3151 Air Commerce Blvd, Brooksville, FL 34604

Saturday, March 10, 2018
0800 - 1700 HRS

Registration: Sign up on google docs at: 

Activity Fee: $15 per person, payable on-site, cash or money order only. 

Cadet Attendance: This is NOT a cadet activity, but cadets may attend but MUST provide their own senior member escort. 
Any Senior Member escorting cadets maintains responsibility for said cadets for the entire duration of this activity, including transportation to and from, and overnight. 
Cadets must have earned the Wright Brothers Award and have their squadron commander’s permission. Form 32 Required.  

Meals: Meals will be the responsibility of individual participants, although some snacks and beverages will be provided. 
Transportation:  Transportation will be the responsibility of individual participants. 
Billeting: Billeting will be the responsibility of individual participants. 

Uniform of the Day: AMENDED FROM OPS ORDER 
Since participants of this workshop will be participating on an active flight line with the Glider Orientation Flights, participants are strongly encouraged to wear a Civil Air Patrol polo or t-shirt, sneakers or other flat shoes with rubber soles, laces, and close toe, and either cargo pants or cargo shorts. 
Participants MUST bring a safety vest to wear on the flight line. Sunscreen, means of hydration required; sunglasses recommended. 

There MAY be some Glider Team t-shirts available for purchase (still working on that with Flight Ops). 
IF you want to purchase a t-shirt, please bring an additional $5 - 10 CASH.
It would also be helpful to know IN ADVANCE if you plan to purchase a shirt and what size (men's sizes only). 
There is a column on the google spreadsheet for shirt size. If you do NOT want a shirt, put NONE in the column. 
These shirts are dayglo yellow and meet the flight line safety requirement without the need for a safety vest. 

Equipment: Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop, tablet, camera, and/or video camera. 

If possible, bring an article or notes for an article with photos of an activity or event from your unit that you would like to have published. 

PLEASE READ THE OPS ORDER as it should answer most questions not covered in this communication. 

If you require more information, please contact Capt Sybrian Castleman at scastleman@flwg.gov