G2 CLC CAPstone: 16 Mar 19

Francis Marion Military Academy
0730-1630 on 16 Mar 2019
Course Director:  Capt Scott Spangler


The Corporate Learning Course (CLC) is a CAP Level III requirement. It discusses the relationship the CAP squadron has with the next major echelon of command -- the wing. Specifically, CLC discusses how wing-level operations help to accomplish CAP's three missions of aerospace education, emergency services, and cadet programs. It describes the working relationships wing staff officers have with each other, and their squadron level counterparts.. 



  • Not applicable

Senior Members

  • Eligibility is as outlined in CAPR 50-17. In order to qualify for this course attendees must have completed the online portion of the course. 


  • Completion of Squadron Leadership School (SLS)
  • Completion of the FLWG online portion of the CLC course
    • Bring the certificate of completion to the capstone session 
    • The online portion can only be accessed through the FLWG website (not eServices)
    • If you do not have a login for flwg.us, contact your Group 2 ITO Lt Col Richard Bosch at rbosch@flwg.us immediately and provide your CAPID, name, and email address
  • Wear a CAP authorized uniform. Short Sleeve Blues or Aviator Shirt Uniform encouraged, but the Corporate Working Uniform (polo) is acceptable.


  • $10.00 for lunch, coffee, and snacks
  • $15.00 if you'd like lunch, dinner, coffee, and snacks
  • $25.00 if you'd like to stay the full weekend alongside the Group Leadership Academy 
  • Fees are payable at check-in


  • Complete the online FLWG CLC course and print out the certificate to bring to the capstone session.
  • Fill in and submit (once) the online registration form to the right.


Francis Marion Military Academy
5895 SE 83rd St
Ocala, FL  34472


Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP.  Privately owned vehicles travel to or from such activity is performed strictly at the member’s own risk (reference CAPR 77-1, para 6c and CAPR 52-16, para 8-10) and is not under CAP direction and control. Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided.


See Fees section


For questions about the activity contact Capt Spangler at sspangler@flwg.us.