G5 TLC Capstone: 20 Apr 19

Dan McClure Auditorium, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport
0830-1700 on 20 Apr 2019
Course Director:  Capt Ann Marie Kozloski
UPDATE 14 Apr 2019: *Course Registration Full**


Training Leaders of Cadets is the premiere venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. The TLC course equips adult leaders with youth mentoring skills, policy knowledge, and practical tools for implementing the CAP Cadet Program.



  • Not applicable

Senior Members

  • Senior members who have completed Level I


  • Completion of the TLC online portion
    • TLC Great Start video and quiz
    • TLC Cadet Advancement video and quiz
    • The TLC online portion can be found in the Learning Management System module of eServices




  • Complete the online TLC online course
  • Fill in and submit (once) the online registration form to the right


Dan McClure Auditorium
6055 Airport Auditorium Ln
Sarasota, FL  34243


Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP.  Privately owned vehicles travel to or from such activity is performed strictly at the member’s own risk (reference CAPR 77-1, para 6c and CAPR 52-16, para 8-10) and is not under CAP direction and control. Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided.


Lunch will not be provided. There are a couple of restaurants in the area.


Short Sleeve Blues uniform or White Aviator Shirt uniform.


For questions about the activity contact Capt Kozloski at akozloski@flwg.us.