G6 SLS CAPstone - 23 Feb 2019


Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

Sponsored by: Professional Development

Location:  Fort Pierce,FL

Inclusive Date(s): 23 Feb  2019

Project Officer: Capt. Craig Ortman, cortman@flwg.us

Send Applications to:

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Event Description:

Squadron Leadership School is a CAP Level II requirement. It provides CAP adult members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and how those operations affect CAP's national missions. Additionally, members learn more about CAP customs, core values, and communications. Case studies, discussion, and group assignments are integral facets of the SLS. The Squadron Leadership School (SLS) is designed to explain how a squadron operates in each of CAP’s major mission elements and how mission support functions support these mission elements. Armed with this knowledge, senior members can learn how they and their respective organizations can best support the wing and fulfill the Squadron role of CAP.   


Event Location:

Saint Lucie County Emergency Operations Center

15305 Midway Rd, Fort Pierce, Fl. 34945

Adjacent to the Saint Lucie County Fairgrounds


FLWG Group 6 will host a Squadron Leadership School (SLS) one-day classroom session. In order to qualify for this course attendees must have completed the online portion of the course. This course will begin at 0800 EST and should be completed by 1700.


Reporting Times: 

SLS Students must report in no later than 0730 on 23 Feb 2019.  Duty uniform will be the Air Force uniform (short-sleeve blue shirt, with or without tie), or the CAP Corporate uniform (white short-sleeve shirt, with or without tie).  This is a professional development course, so BDUs, flight suits, or golf shirts are considered inappropriate for this occasion.  Dismissal will be approximately at 1630 hours, Saturday 23 Feb 2019.




Not applicable.


Eligibility is as outlined in CAPR 50-17. In order to qualify for this course attendees must have completed the online portion of the course. 



Completion of the online portion of the course is required.


The online portion can only be accessed thru the FLWG website and NOT thru eServices.


If you do not have a registration to access the FLWG.US website, please create a new account at the link https://elearning.sercap.us/login/index.php Please contact your Group 6 ITO Edson Franca at efranca@flwg.us If you have any questions or are unable to access the E-learning Portal to take the Online course portion. Once the on-line portion is completed you will need to print your certificate and bring it with you to the CAPstone sessionAs with any other CAP activity, you must be Safety Current and in a CAP authorized uniform to attend.


Application Procedure:


Not applicable.


  1. Complete the FLWG online SLS course and print out the certificate.
  2. Fill in and submit (once) the online registration form.



Members are responsible for their own transportation to and from the activity.



Local lodging is available.


Meals - Bring lunch. This will be a working lunch which will not allow time to go out and get lunch.


Code of Conduct:

All members will maintain a professional demeanor during all activities.  Any member posing disciplinary problems will be subject to early dismissal from the activity, and your unit commander will be notified of the breach of conduct.



Any approved senior member CAP uniform authorized.

In order for the information to be fresh in your mind, the online SLS course should be taken within 60 days of attendance to the CAPstone. The FLWG eLearning Portal can be reached at https://elearning.sercap.us/. When you have completed the online course print your certificate.

When you have completed the online course and printed your certificate,


Use the registration form [To the Right or below]

If you do not have a registration to access the FLWG.US website, contact your  Group 6 ITO Edson Franca at efranca@flwg.us immediately with your CAPID, name, and email address. 


Any other questions or concerns contact Capt. Craig Ortman at cortman@flwg.us