Check Pilot Standardization Course: 18-19 May 19

Check Pilot Standardization Course

Lakeland-Linder International Airport
18-19 May 2019
Course Director: Lt Col Russ Reichmann


The main purpose of this course is to ensure the highest level of aircrew professionalism and excellence in our check pilots and, as a result, ensure the readiness and quality of our aircrew members. We also want ensure our check pilots are "high-performing pilots who can make the tough calls and who epitomize the higher standard our customers demand of us”, as stated by Maj Gen Mark Smith in his memorandum of 20 September 2017.


All Check Pilots and Mission Check Pilots are required to attend. All current Florida Wing Check Pilot Examiners are required to attend as instructors/evaluators. Attendance is not limited to Florida area Check Pilots/Mission Check Pilots or examiners. In the event of inclement weather, the backup date will be scheduled.


The main course will begin at 0800 on Saturday, 18 May, and will consist of case studies as well as discussion on CAP check pilot roles, FAA and CAP regulations, and current trends in aviation. All course requirements should be completed by 1600 ET on Sunday, 19 May. Course completion and repositioning will completed by Sunday, 19 May.


SAFETY IS THE TOP PRIORITY. Prior to the course, an ORM risk management plan will also be prepared by the host unit’s safety officer. All prescribed safety and functional checklists will be used and adhered to. A safety briefing will be provided by the host unit’s safety officer. The safety briefing will include the following:

  • Required ORM procedures
  • Local hospital and 911 info
  • Emergency plans and contact info
  • Collision avoidance procedures during flight operations
  • Aircraft handling and surface operations
  • Local airport procedures
  • NOTAMS, TFRs, and weather
  • Ongoing safety evaluation

All attendees must be safety current .


New Applicants
  • Active CAP member for at least 2 years
  • Active CAP Instructor pilot (CFI or CFI-G) for at least 1 year
  • Working knowledge of eServices, Ops Quals, and WIMRS
  • Completed online NCPSC powered or glider course prior to attending the school
  • Current with CAPR 70-1 requirements
  • Endorsed by a check pilot examiner on a CAPF 5 or a mission check pilot examiner on the CAPF 91, as appropriate
  • Mission check pilot candidates must have participated in at least 25 actual or training mission sorties as CAP SAR/DR mission pilot
  • Safety current
Current Check Pilots/Mission Check Pilots
  • Current and qualified with a CAPF 5 or CAPF 91, as appropriate
  • Current in the CAP aircraft to be flown
  • Completed online NCPSC powered or glider course, as required, within the past 4 years
  • Safety current


  • $20.00 (covers lunch for both days)
  • Fees are payable at check-in


All Applicants
  • Complete and submit the online registration form to the right
  • Registration deadline is 20 Apr 2019
New Applicants

New applicants must also email the following to Lt Col Reichmann (

  • Recommendation from Group Stan/Eval Officer
  • Recommendation from Group Commander
  • Copy of CAPF 5 or CAPF 91, as appropriate


Main Terminal
Lakeland-Linder International Airport
Lakeland, FL  33811



Students planning to arrive by ground transportation should report directly to the school location as scheduled.


General Aviation

All aircraft attending this activity shall have, within one week prior to departure from home base, a CAPF 71 completed by the Squadron CC or Squadron SE, signed and dated. A copy of this inspection form must be presented to the receiving NCPSC staff officer upon arrival of the aircraft. Flight operations will be conducted from Lakeland, a controlled airport. A single staging area is planned for this event to be the KLAL FBO main ramp area.


Commercial Aviation

If you plan to arrive via commercial aviation, contact the course director to arrange any necessary assistance.


Advisory: Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP and is provided "as available”. Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided. Privately owned vehicles (POVs) traveling to or from such activity is performed solely at the risk of the individual CAP members and their passengers.CAP assumes no right of control, liability or responsibility for such transportation (reference CAPR 77-1, Operation and Maintenance of Civil Air Patrol Vehicles, para 1-8 b.).


Course check-in will be at 0700 on 18 May, at the Main Terminal Building


Hilton Garden Inn (25 rooms
3839 Don Emerson Dr
Lakeland, FL 33811
Ph: 863-647-0066
Group Reservation Link


Staybridge Suites Lakeland West (10 rooms)
3855 Don Emerson Dr
Lakeland, FL 33811
Ph: 863-698-2886


  • Breakfast - Free at the hotel
  • Others - TBD


Any approved CAP uniform, including Nomex flight suit (USAF or CAP), white aviator shift with gray slacks, and CAP polo shirt with gray slacks.


The proper wear of the uniform is paramount during this in-residence school.  Please take time to ensure your uniform is in good serviceable condition and a credit to you, your classmates, and the Civil Air Patrol to avoid any embarrassment.  If you have any concerns or questions, refer to CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual or contact a resident advisor. CAP


For questions about the activity contact Lt Col Russ Reichmann at