Issued 24 hours in advance of the earliestpredicted arrival of 50-knot (58 mph) winds.



1.    ALL: Ensure that all HURCON 4 and HURCON 3 actions are complete.


2.    Unit Commanders/Operations/ES officers:

a.   Maintain accountability of personnel via regular phone tree checks, text messaging, etc.

b.   Continue hurricane preparations until directed otherwise.

c.   EnsureCAP facilities have completed "storm-proofing" by this time.

d.   Ensure daily unit SITREPs are being updatedand submitted on time.


3.    Individual Members:

a.   If directed by local Emergency Management, comply with evacuation directives.

b.   If unable to evacuate, stock and prepareto shelter-in-place in the safestlocation available.

c.   Maintain contact with your unit's phone tree or othermeans of member accounting and advise them of anychange in your storm plans or availability.

d.   Monitor the FLWG Hurricane Net, FLWG website,Facebook, Twitter and your email for further instructions as the situation develops.


4.    ALL: ReviewHURCON 1 actions