Director of Communications

Position No. - Duty Position:   006100 - Director of Communications (A6DC)
Application Opening Date:       01 Jan 2018
Application Closing Date:        19 Jan 2018
Reports to:                                 A6 DCS
Duty Location:                           FLWG
Unit:                                            SER-FL-001
Reviewing Official:                    A6 DCS

Who May Apply: ALL QUALIFIED APPLICANTS who are current active Florida Wing Members of the Civil Air Patrol and/or those eligible to become a Florida Wing Member of the Civil Air Patrol in the ranks of Capt and above.


Minimum Qualifications: 

1. Must be currently enrolled in a specialty track as designated in this document.
2. Exercise command over all staff in their command.
3. Promote objectives and purposes of CAP by encouraging the achievement of established goals and programs by all staff in their command and by establishing new goals and programs within the staff in support of the Corporation’s objectives.
4. Establish plans, policies, and procedures necessary to the proper conduct of their staff affairs that are not in conflict with national, region, and wing policies and directives.
5. Be aware of accomplishments, problems, and degree of compliance by their staff with policies and directives through a system of inspections and reports. Inform the wing commander of progress toward achievement of objectives, notable accomplishments, problem areas, and other matters of interest.
6. Ensure safety of personnel and equipment through effective policy guidance regarding safety procedures and equipment.
7. Select and appoint high caliber staff and remove staff positions those members deemed unqualified or otherwise unsuitable to continue in their positions.
8. Refer problems that cannot be resolved at DCS level to the wing commander.
9. Should be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws, all CAP governing directives and all policy matters affecting their command


Desired Qualifications: 

1. Achieved Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development Program with a SENIOR rating in communicates specialty track.
2. Tech or higher in the logistics specialty track
3. Experience with project management helpful
4. Effective and efficient oral and written communication skills.
5. Working knowledge of annual budgeting requirement



1.Develop and implement communications plans, programs, and directives in close coordination and in support of command, and all operations programs and activities.

  1. Establish requirements and track acquisition and disposition of communication equipment in coordination with logistics. Coordinate communications plans and programs with other staff agencies and with subordinate and higher headquarters.
  2. Develop detailed operating procedures for communications operations and guidance to subordinate units and personnel.
  3. Collect and report data to determine the effectiveness of communications operations. Coordinate licensing or frequency authorizations for all radio operations.
  4. Develop communications training programs.
  5. Develop and participate in communications exercises.
  6. Coordinate communications conferences, meetings, and workshops.
  7. Monitor unit communications.
  8. Establish programs to maintain and operate unit radio equipment.

 The Communications Director should be familiar with CAPP 214; and CAP directives in the 60, 62, 66, 77, and 100 series; the NTIA manual of regulations and procedures for Federal Radio Frequency Management, applicable FEMA publications; applicable federal, state, and local MOUs requiring communications support.


Required Documents: Applicants must submit the following documents by the application closing date:

  • Cover letter, signed, dated and annotated with job number and title.
  • Civil Air Patrol resume.
  • Professional resume.
  • Electronic Photo (jpg format, 250px in width).
  • Unit Commander’s Endorsement.

Applications may be sent via email to:

Applicant screening will be done without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin or disability.

Applicants may be asked for a personal or telephonic interview. Upon notification, a mutually convenient time and place will be arranged. Inquiries concerning specific aspects of the duty position should be directed to the Reviewing Official.

Selection criteria are based on Civil Air Patrol training, experience, and participation, as well as, civilian education and experience related to the position.


NOTE: Include the Job Number and Job Title on your application. Incomplete applications may not be returned or acknowledged.


Manages and directs communications activities throughout the wing for the Commander.