Director of Current Operations

Duty Position:  Director of Current Operations 
Position Number:  003100
Unit Number:  SER-FL-001
Application Opening Date:  19 May 2018
Application Closing Date:  19 June 2018
Reports to:  Director of Operations A3 Specialty Track:  Operations (211)
Duty Location:  Florida Wing
Reviewing Officials:  Lt Col George Schaefer, Director of Operations A3  Lt Col Rafael Salort, Florida Wing Vice Commander
Selecting Official:  Col Luis Garcia, Florida Wing Commander
Who May Apply: ALL QUALIFIED APPLICANTS who are current active Florida Wing Members of the Civil Air Patrol or eligible to become Florida Wing Members of the Civil Air Patrol in the ranks of Capt and above. Members must reside in or near the State of Florida.
1. Must be currently enrolled in the Operations specialty track.
2. Assists the Director of Operations in managing and directing all operations activities.
3. Develops and implements operations plans, programs, and directives.
4. Coordinates operations matters with other staff agencies or interested agencies and organizations.
5. Develops standard operating procedures for the control and operation of CAP aircraft.
6. Develops necessary operations policies and procedures to ensure mission accomplishment and to provide adequate guidance to subordinate personnel and units. 
7. Requests the issuance of transportation and mission authorizations.
8. Supervises and supports the Emergency Services Officer in managing and directing emergency services activities.
9. Supervises and supports the Homeland Security Officer in managing homeland security activities.
10. Supervises and supports the Counterdrug Officer in managing counterdrug activities.
11. Supervises and supports the Cadet Orientation Flights Officer in managing and directing cadet orientation flight activities.
12. Must be familiar with CAPR 70-1, CAPM 60-1G, CAPR 60-3, CAPR 60-6, CAPR 66-1, CAPP 211, CAPP 70-3, and other applicable publications.
Ideal Candidate’s Core Competencies (Recommended Qualifications):
1. Hold the CAP grade of Major or above
2. Achieved Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development Program
3. Hold a TECHNICIAN rating in the Operations or Emergency Services Specialty Track (SENIOR rating is preferred)
4. Squadron Leadership School (SLS) graduate
5. Corporate Learning Course (CLC) graduate
6. Prior Operations experience at the group and squadron levels (wing experience is preferred)
7. Demonstrated leadership and management abilities (experience with project management would be helpful)
8. Excellent organizational and communication skills
9. Working knowledge of annual operations budgeting and training requirements 
10. Working knowledge of concepts of operations (CONOPs), operations plans (OPLANs), operations orders (OPORDs), and special instructions (SPINS)
11. Working knowledge of WMIRS
NOTE:  Qualified members not meeting all ideal core competencies are still encouraged to apply.
Required Documents: 
1. Cover letter
2. Civil Air Patrol resume (no specific format is required)
3. Professional resume
Applications may be sent via email to: Application screening will be done without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin or disability.
Applications will be reviewed by the Florida Wing Vice Commander, Director of Operations A3, and other designated A3 staff officers, as appropriate. Applicants may be asked to conduct an interview. Upon notification, a mutually convenient time and place will be arranged. Necessary travel will be reimbursed by FLWG only with prior written approval by the Wing Commander. A teleconference may be scheduled in lieu of an in-person interview. Inquiries concerning specific aspects of the duty position should be directed to the Director of Operations A3.
Selection criteria are based on Civil Air Patrol training, experience, as well as civilian education and experience related to the position. 
NOTE: Include the Job Number and Job Title on your application. Incomplete applications may not be returned or acknowledged.